The Duchess and His Pearlness are pleased to declare that the Royal Nacretory has now been relocated from Hanover, PA to Solomon's Island, MD, where sales of our shell inlay materials will be handled from shared space at the new Aulson Inlay, LLC facilities.

The administrative office in CA will remain the same, but our new sales office information is now as follows:

Duke of Pearl, LLC
13325 Rousby Hall Rd., Bldg. F
Lusby, MD, 20657-2707
Phone/fax: (410)231-2641
Email: dukeofpearlllc@gmail.com

Her Worshipful Pearlkeep Lady Ellen Aulson, Vice Chancellor of Inlay, will now be fulfilling your nacreous addictions. Her Grace is also a co-owner of Aulson Inlay, LLC ( www.facebook.com/AulsonInlay), a shop specializing in fully customized super high quality CNC artwork, prototyping, one-offs, small runs, and innovative materials.

Thanks again for being the world’s best bunch of friends and customers!

Chuck and Cheryl Erikson
Duke and Duchess of Pearl

The Ducal Residence and Royal Nacreshops,
discreetly located on a remote and secluded hillside estate just outside the quaint village of Grass Valley, Bluegrass Capital of California

Greetings, loyal subjects!

The Duke and Duchess of Pearl, Chuck and Cheryl Erikson, wish to extend to you their warmest hospitality as you tour the Royal Nacreshops, for over 40 years the world’s leading source for very high quality mother-of-pearl (“M.O.P.” or “MOP”) and abalone shell nacre materials for doing guitar, banjo, mandolin, and instrument inlay (known technically as “luthiers supplies”), shell overlay, reverse glass signs, antique conservation and restoration, marquetry, inlaid jewelry, and a wide variety of lapidary and craft projects.

We are co-inventors of the wildly successful laminated shell material known as ABALAM (or ABLAM) and its engraveable cousin, GRAVLAM (U.S. Patents 5,776,581/6,190,491 B1/RE40,207 E). We may be copied, but no one makes it to the high standards we demand!

In addition to collectible “boutique” or “Art” guitars (many of which have sold in the range of $50K to $500K!), our talented customers have done pearl inlay in or on items ranging from custom knives to folding hand fans, fishing lures to turkey calls, cigar humidors to funeral urns, Jewish temple furniture to pool tables, and surfboards to dragster cockpits! Several of our shell products were developed specifically for use in architectural or interior decorating applications, such as covering ceilings, walls, countertops, or display spaces with the glowing beauty of pearlescent shell.

Offered on the following pages are hundreds of precisely-made materials taken from eighteen species of nacreous shells, of which our 110 craftsmen process upwards of 350 metric tons annually! These products include: 5.5"x 9.5" veneers and multi-layer thick laminated shell sheets, single-piece shell veneer "feathers", traditional flat pearl and abalone "solid inlay blanks", shell dots or rounds, straight and curved shell strips (including proprietary, computer-cut shell "herringbone" marquetry strips), guitar pickguards, crushed shell flakes (or "brocade"), and unprocessed raw shell, as well as a few other stray bits!

In addition to shell products, we also carry instructional books and videos which deal with inlay techniques, have two full-color posters, and offer a selection of high-quality mastodon ivory or pearl guitar string nuts and saddles. We’re always available for technical support and can hook you up with other hard-to find sources, regardless of whether or not you purchase directly from us or from someone else.

Museum conservator, sign maker, stringed instrument builder, furniture craftsman, whatever your creative specialty, we hope you enjoy your Castle visit, stay as long as you want, stick your head in all the rooms, take something home, and even initiate an audience with Her Worshipful Pearlkeep, Lady Ellen Aulson.

Sincerely and Chatoyantly yours,
Their Pearlnesses