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"ABALAM: A JUBILEE, The Essential Guide to Shell Sheet Veneers and Laminates".
Long overdue, this clear-coated, full-color poster is the ultimate user's guide to all the amazing new shell materials that have been introduced in the last several years; specifically the 5 ½" X 9 ½" sheets of paperthin single-layer veneers, and the patented multiple-layered veneer plys ("ABALAM"/"ABLAM").

Thirty sheets are shown, at 51% actual size, arranged in order of lightest to darkest on a solid black background. Large sized, 24" X 38", with all shell names listed and brief explanatory notes. Suitable for framing, shipped in a tube.


"THE SHELL-CUTTER'S STASH", a 19" X 25" full-color poster created especially for the person who works with or loves shell! As used in jewelry and fine musical instruments, raw shells are sawed into pieces, which are further sawed or ground into small flat sheets of .040" to .080" thickness, from which the shapes to be used are then cut. This is the traditional solid blank material that has now largely been replaced with laminated shell, so many of the examples shown are no longer available to craftspeople. Historically interesting!

Much of the beauty of the finished work depends on the skill with which an artist chooses and displays the unique qualities of each piece. Most of the collection shown in this poster are supreme examples of the visual variety possible, coming from the very select stock of a long-time professional shell worker and representing the "crème de la crème" of thousands of more common pieces.

The forty-three pieces illustrated came from 10 species of nacreous (pearly) shell, and their unique properties and uses are fully explained in the 33 captions. For maximum effect, each blank was lighted and photographed by itself. Add this print to your display area; several luthiers have reported unexpected custom inlay jobs from customers who noticed the poster hung prominently under glass, in a nice frame! Shipped in a tube.