Minimum order is $100.00. On most but not all items two prices are shown. The lower price reflects a 10% discount and applies to orders totaling at least $1,000.00 after the discount is taken (no further discounts are available). In other words, simply decide beforehand whether or not you intend to spend $1,000.00, and proceed accordingly! Purchases under $100.00 will be gleefully accepted by any of these excellent distributors:

EXTRA CHARGES: Orders are filled in the sequence received, and almost always go out the same or next day. If you're still going to pester us to handle an order in front of everyone else, expect to pay an additional 20% for the privilege. We welcome “special orders” involving custom manufacturing to your specs, but these will require a nonrefundable 50% deposit before work is started. A “rubber check” not only ticks us off but will cost you another $25.00, so don't write ‘em.

All prices are in U.S. dollars F.O.B. Lusby, MD, and are subject to whimsical but unlikely changes without any notice at all. Pennsylvania customers must pay 6% sales tax, or supply us with a valid resale license number.

Once your order and shipping preferences have been submitted, we'll calculate freight and insurance charges and immediately contact you with the total due, and arrange details of payment.

PAYMENT: Cash, check, C.O.D., or Visa/Mastercard, no open accounts. Foreign orders: U.S. funds only, no C.O.D.'s or personal checks, and cash must be sent by registered mail; there is a $15.00 "foreign bank fee" on any international M.O., bank draft, or cashier's check, even if drawn on a "U.S. funds account"; if by wire to our bank, a $35.00 fee is added, and you will have to let us know as soon as payment is sent. These fees are what the U.S. banking system charges us, and may change in the future. Currency exchange rates can be easily calculated at

SHIPPING: Most U.S. orders are sent via U.P.S., and foreign orders via the Post Office (minimum problems with Customs), unless you request otherwise. Foreign customers are responsible for any Customs charges, VAT, or other duties, and we will not falsify or undervalue the paperwork so don't ask! Return shipments are automatically insured by us, so send cheapest way (but get proof of mailing), and you must contact us before shipping. We usually ship within one day of confirming an order, but it can take up to six weeks if items are out of stock or we're just goofing off on a vacation. Don't wait until you're totally desperate to restock! If you need regular shipments, we'd be delighted to arrange periodic deliveries if you supply our Nacreshop with a schedule or blanket purchase order that fits your needs.

OTHER: The Duke and Duchess don't have a fancy guarantee or return policy - if you're not happy with something, just contact us and we'll make it right. Our materials are the best in the world, but nobody's 100% all the time! Any refunds are for products only, no refunds on shipping. If you're new to shell work, or not experienced with the products we offer, it might be wise to try a few smaller orders through our distributors before placing larger ones with us. Especially with the relatively costly ABALAM sheets, most of the distributors offer these in quarter or half-sheet sizes, allowing you to sample a variety of shell types without spending a small fortune on something unfamiliar; they also sell dots in small quantities. RESCUE PEARL also maintains a huge and constantly changing "sale" list of various overstocked, odd-lot, discontinued, out-of-tolerance, and culled items with mark-downs of up to 75% and no minimum order!

*** Please send me your free list of sources and suppliers to the inlay trades.