Shell Veneer Ply Sheets
This page only contains Sparkle MOP, White MOP, Gold MOP, Brown MOP, Black MOP, Capiz, Agoya.
For other materials select:
Page 2: Donkey ab., Green snail, Turbo single arc, Turbo triple arc, Korean Awabi rim,
Korean Awabi ribbon, Japanese Awabi, Red ab., Red ab. heart
Page 3: Pink ab., Pink ab. select, Pink ab. heart, Green ab. standard,
Green ab. select, Green ab. rippled, Green ab. heart
Page 4: Paua ab., Paua ab. blue, Paua ab. rim,
Paua ab. rim dark, Paua ab. heart, Sparkle ab.

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VP-SPKMOP-030_Sparkle-MOP-S.jpg Shell Veneer Ply Sheets, Sparkle MOP
VP-SPKMOP-030 Veneer Ply Sparkle M.O.P. Sheet-.030''
VP-SPKMOP-040 Veneer Ply Sparkle M.O.P. Sheet-.040''
VP-SPKMOP-050 Veneer Ply Sparkle M.O.P. Sheet-.050''
VP-SPKMOP-060 Veneer Ply Sparkle M.O.P. Sheet-.060''
VP-SPKMOP-125 Veneer Ply Sparkle M.O.P. Sheet-.125''
VP-MOP-030-_White-MOP-Sheet.jpg Shell Veneer Ply Sheets, White MOP
VP-MOP-030 Veneer Ply White M.O.P. Sheet-.030''
VP-MOP-040 Veneer Ply White M.O.P. Sheet-.040''
VP-MOP-050 Veneer Ply White M.O.P. Sheet-.050''
VP-MOP-060 Veneer Ply White M.O.P. Sheet-.060''
VP-MOP-090 Veneer Ply White M.O.P. Sheet-.090''
VP-MOP-125 Veneer Ply White M.O.P. Sheet-.125''
VP-MOP-180 Veneer Ply White M.O.P. Sheet-.180''
VP-MOP-188 Veneer Ply White M.O.P. Sheet-.188''
VP-MOP-250 Veneer Ply White M.O.P. Sheet-.250''
VP-GOLD-030_Gold-MOP-Sheet.jpg Shell Veneer Ply Sheets, Gold MOP
VP-GOLD-030 Veneer Ply Gold M.O.P. Sheet-.030''
VP-GOLD-040 Veneer Ply Gold M.O.P. Sheet-.040''
VP-GOLD-050 Veneer Ply Gold M.O.P. Sheet-.050''
VP-GOLD-060 Veneer Ply Gold M.O.P. Sheet-.060''
VP-GOLD-090 Veneer Ply Gold M.O.P. Sheet-.090''
VP-GOLD-125 Veneer Ply Gold M.O.P. Sheet-.125''
VP-GOLD-188 Veneer Ply Gold M.O.P. Sheet-.188''
VP-GOLD-250 Veneer Ply Gold M.O.P. Sheet-.250''
VP-BROWN-030_Brown-MOP-Shee.jpg Shell Veneer Ply Sheets, Brown MOP
VP-BROWN-030 Veneer Ply Brown M.O.P. Sheet-.030''
VP-BROWN-040 Veneer Ply Brown M.O.P. Sheet-.040''
VP-BROWN-050 Veneer Ply Brown M.O.P. Sheet-.050''
VP-BROWN-060 Veneer Ply Brown M.O.P. Sheet-.060''
VP-BROWN-090 Veneer Ply Brown M.O.P. Sheet-.090''
VP-BROWN-125 Veneer Ply Brown M.O.P. Sheet-.125''
VP-BROWN-188 Veneer Ply Brown M.O.P. Sheet-.188''
VP-BROWN-250 Veneer Ply Brown M.O.P. Sheet-.250''
VP-BLACK-030_Black-MOP-Shee.jpg Shell Veneer Ply Sheets, Black MOP
VP-BLACK-030 Veneer Ply Black M.O.P. Sheet-.030''
VP-BLACK-040 Veneer Ply Black M.O.P. Sheet-.040''
VP-BLACK-050 Veneer Ply Black M.O.P. Sheet-.050''
VP-BLACK-060 Veneer Ply Black M.O.P. Sheet-.060''
VP-BLACK-090 Veneer Ply Black M.O.P. Sheet-.090''
VP-BLACK-125 Veneer Ply Black M.O.P. Sheet-.125''
VP-BLACK-188 Veneer Ply Black M.O.P. Sheet-.188''
VP-BLACK-250 Veneer Ply Black M.O.P. Sheet-.250''
VP-CAPIZ-060 Veneer Ply Capiz Sheet-.060''
VP-AGOYA-030_.jpg Shell Veneer Ply Sheets, Agoya
VP-AGOYA-030 Veneer Ply Agoya Sheet-.030''
VP-AGOYA-040 Veneer Ply Agoya Sheet-.040''
VP-AGOYA-050 Veneer Ply Agoya Sheet-.050''
VP-AGOYA-060 Veneer Ply Agoya Sheet-.060''
VP-AGOYA-075 Veneer Ply Agoya Sheet-.075''
VP-AGOYA-090 Veneer Ply Agoya Sheet-.090''
VP-AGOYA-125 Veneer Ply Agoya Sheet-.125''
VP-AGOYA-188 Veneer Ply Agoya Sheet-.188''
VP-AGOYA-250 Veneer Ply Agoya Sheet-.250''