BOOK: "THE ART OF INLAY", by Larry Robinson, well-known master of materials and inlayist to the stars! Text covers basics as well as the latest high-tech methods and tricks, bringing us all up to speed in any easy to read format. Lots and lots of color, many other top artists are featured and their secrets exposed. 7 ¼" X 9 3/8", choice of hardcover with dust jacket, or softcover; 112 pages, 70 color photos, 35 black & white, 10 drawings.
BOOK: "PEARL INLAY", by James Patterson. The most recent and updated printing of this classic manual, softbound, 82 pages, lots of black & white photos and drawings. Much less modern than Robinson's book, but has more detail about dealing with raw shell, making your own blanks and strips, doing inlay repairs, etc.
BOOK: "THE ABALONE BOOK", by Peter Howorth, doesn't deal with inlay at all, it's just a great little read for anyone curious about what an abalone is and where inlay material comes from. Historical background, commercial and sport fisheries, anatomy and life history, eight species of living animals and their shells shown in color, and an impressive collection of recipes for those who'd like to really get in touch with their materials! 5 ½" X 8 ½", 80 pages, 8 in color. Available in hard or soft covers.
BOOK: "JAMES HUBBELL'S PALACE DOORS OF ABU DHABI", by Otto Rigan. A beautiful little tome that has been out of print for years, visually documenting incredible doors that were custom built for the new palace of an Arabian sheikh by an American artist. All 18 doors are shown in color, both in full view and detail, and are loaded with a wealth of design ideas similar in style to Art Noveau with an Arabian flavor. Materials involve woods, glass, stone, metals, pearls, and gemstones. 6" X 8 ¾", 122 pages. Available in hard or soft covers.

VIDEO: "PEARL INLAY TECHNIQUES", by Dan MacRostie and Ron Chacey. The original, and for a long time, only, video dealing with tools, set-up, choosing materials, pattern use, cutting, routing, inlaying, and engraving. Shows the use of M.O.P., abalone, and silver wire, and how to trim a guitar with abalone strips. Good basic instruction, but some methods were non-typical even when this was made, modern materials are not covered, and other parts are rather obsolete by today's standards.

VIDEO: "BASIC INLAY TECHNIQUES", by Larry Robinson. If you enjoy fine handwork, but have never handled a jeweler's saw, this video will walk you through the making of a nice little butterfly inlay, using several types of shell. Good details, close-up shots, no skipped steps, a discussion of mistakes to avoid, and a bit of humor make this a disarming and pleasant experience. 2 ½ hours.

VIDEO: "INTERMEDIATE INLAY TECHNIQUES" by Larry Robinson. Intended for those who already have some experience using a saw or watching other videos, Larry shows in detail the progression of a fancy guitar fingerboard vine from the customer's rough sketch through final engraving. Nothing is left out in this 2 ½+ hours presentation.

VIDEO: "ADVANCED INLAY TECHNIQUES", by Larry Robinson. Methods far past top-dead-center for all you compulsive overachievers who like to exist on the hairy edge of free-style inlay! Signatures, lettering, curved-surface work, and 3-D inlay tricks for a bit more than 2 hours of adrenaline-soaked thrills. Steroids optional.

All three Larry Robinson videos available for $90.00 ($154.85 list)!!

CHART: "TRICKS OF GRAIN-MATCHING IN ROUGH LUMBER, FOR 2-PIECE NECKS". A two-sided 8 1/2" X 11" chart, clear laminated to protect from workbench scuffing, and punched to fit a 3-ring binder. Shows professional secrets of laying out all types of guitar and banjo neck lumber to get best yield and best grain from your finest hardwoods. The basic information was copied from a tattered scrap of yellowed paper used for more than 15 years in the shop of a major wood supplier.